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Teрекс Корпорейшн

Компания прошла проверку на сайте

TEREX Corporation (NYSE: TEX) is a manufacturer of capital equipment for the Construction, Mining and Infrastructure sectors.  TEREX markets the broadest product portfolio in the industry ranging from traditional construction equipment to cranes, aerial work platforms and surface mining products.50 Manufacturing Facilities in North America, South America, Europe,AsiaandAustralia.
Products sold in 170 countries. Terex believes that a company's conduct and its reputation are among its most valuable assets. It sets the tone for the relationships that a company enjoys with its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the communities in which it operates, the public at large and its competitors. Terex is committed to the practice of good ethics and conduct among its officers, directors and employees. This commitment has many aspects, including avoiding conflicts of interest, maintaining confidentiality of information, ensuring compliance with laws, fostering a work atmosphere of mutual respect, properly using company assets and observing accounting and control procedures to ensure accurate recording, dissemination and reporting of information.